Dr. Wolff specializes in providing personalized services to people struggling with fertility issues.  Her support can take many forms and be tailored to each patient’s needs.  This may include:

Telephone Consultation

  • Dr. Wolff has the time to explain as much as you want to know about reproductive biology in general or your case in particular.
  • She can go over what your doctor said again because, as a patient, it is almost always impossible to process everything your doctor said (even when you are an expert in the field!)
  • She can teleconference into appointments with you.
  • She can give you a second opinion for peace of mind that your time, health, and money is being well spent.
  • She can provide reproductive genetics advice.

Accompany You to Medical Appointments

  • Dr. Wolff can accompany you to appointments to help make sure you remember and understand what you are being told.
  • She can take you home from surgery if your partner happens to be away on business the day you need a procedure.

Emotional Support

  • Dr. Wolff is an infertility expert and has the time to provide as much emotional support as you need.
  • She can coordinate care for you when you or your partner are emotionally overwhelmed.
  • She can provide peace of mind that your fertility investment is the best possible choice.


  • Dr. Wolff can advocate for you with your health care team.
  • With deep personal and professional connections across the country and health care system, Dr. Wolff can facilitate access to the best specialists in the field.
  • As a leading reproductive scientist, Dr. Wolff can provide consultation on and referral to research studies.

Unique Services

  • Fertility preservation.
  • Oncofertility.
  • Care coordination for gestational carrier processes.
  • Advocacy on your behalf with no financial ties to providers and agencies.
  • Provide care coordination as a bridge throughout the fertility and obstetrical journey.
  • Expertise with and tailored assistance for the unique needs of the LGBTQIA community.

We also offer insurance assessment and denial appeal services.