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An  infertility concierge offering world-class expertise, advocacy and support to patients undergoing their fertility journey.

Erin Wolff, MD - Top Doc 2018

Pelex was founded by Dr. Erin Wolff after she witnessed people struggling in the very confusing and frustrating world of fertility medicine.  She realized that they were in dire need of a smart, informed and engaged advocate and friend.

Dr. Wolff is a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinologist (meaning she did four years of OB/GYN training followed by three years of reproductive endocrinology training after medical school).  Prior to launching Pelex, she won numerous awards for surgery and patient care excellence and was a highly esteemed NIH researcher for eight years before becoming the chief medical officer of a start-up genomics infertility company in NYC.

Dr. Wolff knows from personal experience and the experiences of family members and close friends that the best medical approach uses cutting-edge technology (including IVF, surrogates, donor egg, egg freezing, and embryo testing), coupled with compassion and support.  She helps patients from around the world decipher complicated medical information, advocates for them in health care settings, holds their hands when they need it, and gives them advice that starts with “If you were my sister, I would…”  As a concierge physician, she has the time to put patients first every step of the way.

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